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    June Newsletter

    Math 7/8

    Congratulations on a successful completion of the New York State Math Assessments. I am very proud of how hard my students worked to prepare for the assessment during the school day and during the afterschool program. Now that the math exam has been completed, we need to put our full attention on what we need to do to pass math this year. We have a few more weeks left, in this school year, to improve our grades.

    Have You personally done enough to pass your grade level? Students need to complete all homework assignments on time and to the best of their ability. Students need to study the material taught in class each night in order to do well on the exit tickets and tests that are still left. There is still time to pass the year if you work extremely hard to complete all tasks assigned, study all material taught and do well on all remaining tests. If you work hard these last few weeks you will be successful! Have a good summer and come back in the fall with a positive, hard working attitude in September.


    Please continue to work hard in class and complete all assignments. On June 17th, you will be taking the NYS Algebra Exam here at BPS #81. In order to be successful on the exam, you need to review the material being covered in class each day. Study the information given in the review books and if you have any questions ask me during class or make an appointment with me for extra help. Study! Study! Study! and Good Luck!


        Mrs. McCarthy