Big Day For Pre-K

  • *Our reading series Big Day For Pre-K

    * We are in Unit 7 Nature Around Us
    Dear Families,  For the next few weeks, children will investigate nature with a new theme called “Nature All Around Us.” This theme covers many of our favorite science topics, such as plants and how they grow, the sun and the moon, and weather and the seasons. Take advantage of all that nature has to offer to help your child learn about the world around us. • Try your hand at family gardening by planting something (indoors or outdoors) and watching it grow. • Observe and discuss the weather every day and how it relates to the clothing your child wears and outdoor play activities. • Watch the national weather on TV with your child and talk about the weather in different parts of the country. • Point out signs in nature that show what the season is. • Do sky gazing with your child to look for pictures in the clouds during the day and twinkling stars at night. This is also going to be the perfect theme for encouraging curiosity, because asking questions is an important learning tool for young children.  Experience nature and the outdoors with your child!
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