Grades K - 2

  • Our K-2nd graders learn to create, explore, and discover new ideas throughout the school year.  We focus mainly on pre-readiness skills including the alphabet and phonemic awareness, numbers and identifying them, colors, shapes, calender information, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and directional concepts.

    We spend much time teaching and learning about school.  Practicing school routines and talking about the rules of the classroom, hallways, and cafeteria are an important part of our students development.  This is the first step in instilling a knowledge of scheduling, time management, responsibility, safety, and an understanding of how behave appropriately in both public and private settings. 

    Each day begins with singing songs that allow students to practice their names, letters, spelling, and awareness of their surroundings in a fun, memorable manner.  The classroom assistants and aides are active participants in our morning work each day.  They also actively participate in teaching information that supports and reiterates what the students are learning with their teacher.  This collaboration allows for our students to be split into groups during our ELA time, giving each group the chance to learn at the pace and level appropriate for them. 

    Collaboration beyond the classroom is also a regular part of our day.  We work with our Speech Therapist during the ELA group time, where she participates as a leader of a station that the students visit.  Our Occupational Therapist also visits the classroom to work with the students as a group, along with seeing students on an individual basis.  Collaboration between the classroom and therapists, as well as our "specials" teachers (art, music, tech, library, gym) provides us with a program of socialization, playing, and the integration of sensory interaction whenever the opportunity arises. 

    Activities We Enjoy: 
    Sharing with Friends
    Alphabet Books
    Fire Prevention