• Through the art program at school 84, students are exposed to a variety of mixed media applications, artist works, processes, and techniques. Students have opportunities to paint, build, sculpt, sew, and discuss artworks. Many of the projects include both individual and collaborative efforts from students.

    During the school year, the secondary students developed a large scale mural based on the artist Ani Hoover. Through this project, students learned color mixing techniques with oil pastel, paint applications, and collage techniques. Students loved working on such a large surface alongside their fellow classmates. Students in both the intermediate and secondary levels are working on an installation using found objects and paints.

    One famous project at school 84, is the creation of the “Ugly Dolls.” Students in the intermediate and primary grades learned how to construct soft sculptures through the use of burlap, yarn, and felt. The art program provides enjoyable, memorable, and educational experiences for students.