Dress Code

  • Dr. Lydia T. Wright School of Excellence Uniform Policy

    Khaki pants, skirt or jumper               

    Pants must be over shoes

    -       White or blue tights/socks (no lettering/no silly socks) only

    Navy Blue collared shirts

    -       No logos or emblems

    -       No colored shirts underneath navy blue shirt

    -       Sweatshirts/sweaters without hoods

    Black, blue or brown belt (no undergarments showing)


    -       Hoop earrings will be smaller than 2 finger width

    -       Necklaces will be tucked into shirts

    -       No bracelets will be worn


    -       Shoes must have backs (no flip flops)

    -       Boots will not be worn during the school day

    Purses will not be carried during the school day


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