Student Support Team (SST)

  • Student Support Team is a group of professionals who work with staff, students, and parents to provide a continuum of services to assist students in achieving their personal and academic goals. The team will review past information and analyze current data collected from many sources.

    What does SST do?

    §  Uses a tiered approach to assist students to achieve in school.

    §  Helps students demonstrate behaviors consistent with the school goals: Always Respectful, Always Responsible, Always Safe, and Always Soaring.

    §  Works in conjunction with parents, teachers, and staff to support students to improve grades and/or behaviors in school.

    §  Monitors student’s response toward reaching their goals.

    Goal of SST:

    The goal of the SST and the process is to provide adequate and appropriate programs and services to all students in school. By doing this, the school can become to preventative.