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           Hi families!! Welcome to our Pre-K page! It has been so exciting meeting all of the new kiddos this coming school year!! Mrs. Nappo & I cannot wait to see all the kiddos learn and grow in our Pre-K world!!

           We are also so excited with the creation of the classroom webpage. One of the best features is that the webpage is updated periodically so be sure to check back often to read about all the fun and exciting things we are learning about and doing in our classroom. Should you ever have to reach one of us please feel free to stop in at anytime, call the school at 816-3440, or e-mail me at

           There are many areas to the website that we hope you find to be of great value. Our goal is to make the website not just a tool for us, as the teachers, but to connect with parents, and also make it a learning tool and resource for the students.


                                 And now the JOURNEY continues........

    Mrs. Tirone & Mrs. Nappo