Mrs. Marra

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  • Elementary

#19 Native American Magnet School

97 West Delavan Ave
Buffalo, NY 14213
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    My name is Mrs. Marra I am the 7th & 8th grade ENL teacher at Native American Magnet School #19. I teach with Mrs. Waddington during ELA.  This is my third year at #19; I have been an ENL teacher in the district for 10 years now. When I am not teaching, I enjoy traveling, Yoga, reading, and hiking. 

    I am here to help you and your child in any way possible. Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the school year. You can message in ClassDojo, email, or I can also be reached by calling the school 716-816-3180 ext. 1209. 

    Please note that I am only fluent in the English language.  For parents that speak other languages, I can communicate through the Talking Points app and through translators. I hope this school year ends up being the BEST one yet J


    Mrs. Marra