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  •  Mrs.Burgin & Mrs. Cox - Grade 1 - Room 126 

    Welcome to grade 1! My focus this year is to further prepare grade 1 students for the second grade curriculum and standards. I will post links to different activities and websites, that will enrich your child's education at home.

    Courtney Cox is our Intergrated Co-Teacher who will help differentiate instruction in order to meet the diverse needs of our students at Hamlin Park Academy 74.

    Parents, Parents, Parents!!!! We can't stress enough how important you are in this matter of education. Please take the time to implement the information we give you, into your child's daily routine. It will make a huge difference if you spend a minimum of 15 minutes or a maximum of 60 minutes per day, either choice puts you and your child in a winning position!

    Together we can help shape society and put our children at the forefront of success. All it takes is collaborative participation. We shouldn't expect parents to solely teach their children and parents shouldn't expect teachers to solely teach their children. But we understand that together we are expected to teach them all they need to know. Manners and academics collectively!

    Please take the time to visit our resource tab in order to utilize all the extension activities available to help your child reach their fullest academic potential. Included are word lists, books lists, fluency passages, comprehension, graphic organizers, and website links for reinforcement of daily lessons.