Mr. Gelsomino's Home Page- Grade 6 Room 305

  • Welcome

        Students and Parents:
              Please use this home page as a general guideline for homework,
        class assignments, general classroom policies, events, and reminders.
        Policies and Procedures:
              1. Students are expected to show up in school in uniform.
              2. Students are expected to go to their lockers when they come
                  in and get everything they need before lunch.
                  -once students enter the room they will not be allowed to go
                   their lockers until lunch.  Students must be silent in the halls.
              3. Students must follow all classroom rules that are posted.

        General ELA Assignments and Tasks:
                      Vocabulary, Grammar Skill, Story, Writing Sample
                Students should have vocabulary words in notebook,                     write spelling words five times each, and brainstorm for
                 writing sample
    Students should have a graphic organizer filled out for the
                       weekly writing sample, complete spelling steps, and study
                       vocabulary words
                       Students should be working on rough draft for                            writing sample, write each spelling word in                 
                       a sentence, and study vocabulary words
                       Students should study their study guides for
                       Friday's Reading Test, study for Friday's Spelling 
                       Test, and work on final copy of weekly writing sample
                       Fridays are worth 300 points (100- Spelling test,
                       100- Reading test, 100- Writing sample).  Students
                       should bring tests home for test corrections. 
                       Students could also bring home purple workbooks
                       to get a start the spelling/vocabulary words/
                       grammar skill for the following week.

    Math Assignments / Tasks
                       *****There is math homework every night.  If
                       students finish the homework in school they are
                       encouraged to practice basic addition, subtraction,
                       multiplication and division.
                       Student notebooks are worth 100 points at the end
                       of the marking period.  There is always review given
                       before every test that the students should copy down
                       into their notebooks.