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    Hello! My name is Elisabeth Cullen Giese and I teach 3rd grade at Makowski! People usually just call me Lisa and the students use Ms. Cullen.

    During this time of COVID-19, I have been using my blog to continue instruction for my class.  

    On April 22nd, all third grade students will receive their iPads. Because of this change,

    ALL work assignments BEGINNING April 20th will be posted on my Schoology course.

    Directions: Login to Clever, open the Schoology app, click on courses, find HR3rd grade Virtual school

    I will still post to the blog all directions for instruction for my class!

    Assignments are posted by day of the week in each subject.

    Contact me for any help or assistance.

    My Office hours are 1:00-2:30pm M-F. If you need anything, please access me throu ClassDojo, email or text message.

    I'm happy you found me and would love to have you join uS!

    Also, please be aware:

    Expanded Remote Learning Resources from NYSED and PBS

    Students from prekindergarten through 12th grade have access to PBS educational programming every weekday on-air. These efforts are helping to ensure that all students can have access to quality educational resources regardless of whether they have a computer or broadband at home. Parents and educators should check local listings for their local public television stations for additional information on schedules and channel lineup. You can find your local PBS station by using the PBS Station Finder.

    Links for Special Area Teachers:

    Mr Genusso - PE -https://www.buffaloschools.org/Domain/9158

    Mrs. Coppins - Art - https://www.buffaloschools.org/Domain/5468

    Ms. Cissoko - Music - https://www.buffaloschools.org/Domain/5454

    Ms. Yu - Chinese - https://www.buffaloschools.org/Domain/5462

    Mrs. Turner - Speech https://www.buffaloschools.org/Domain/9169

    Ms. Lockhart - RTI - (Jenziel) - https://www.buffaloschools.org/Domain/5482

    I can be reached at: egiese@buffaloschools.org or for immediate contact: 716-622-9776


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