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    Stanley Makowski BPS # 99
    An International Baccalaureate (IB)  School  

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         Miss Heide's 
       Grade Class

    Students should arrive on time and provide an excuse for days absent. 

    Behavior Management
    All students are expected to display good behavior. However, just like us adults we are not always happy. These emotions get in the way of learning. Along with teaching the academics it is important to teach students to be responsible for their own behavior. This is our class system.

        Pink – Outstanding day – they went above and beyond.

         Purple – Great day – they went above

         Blue – Good day – they were doing better than

       Green – Ready to Learn – everyone starts their day here. They were doing       everything asked but may have needed some gentle reminders.

       Yellow – Think About It – the student needs to think about what they are currently doing to be able to learn and others able to learn.

       Orange – Teacher’s Choice – I will decide what will help your student to be ready to learn and will be a loss of a privilege for the day.

        Red – Parent Contact – I will be contacting you with a phone call to discuss what we can do to make your student ready to learn.

    Homework starts at the end of October once I have a better understanding of our learners. It will be given Monday-Thursday unless no homework is written on our class calendar.
    Dismissal students are walked out to their bus with their homeroom teacher. Students that are picked up are our "walkers". Parents are directed to pick up their child at the walker door at the Jefferson St. side door. Please have your ID available for new or visiting teacher that may assist with the dismissal process.

    Breakfast Lunch
    Breakfast and lunch are served daily. The students have breakfast in the classroom and lunch in the cafeteria.  Home lunches are welcomed but please do not include soda or candy in your child’s lunch. 

    Please provide school supplies for students the first week of school. Over the summer is the best time to get good deals. 

    Contact Information:
    (716) 816-4180