Stanley M. Makowski Early Childhood Center - Music - Buffalo Public School 99, an IB World School

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    Student Greeting  

    Welcome to the Makowski School School 99 Music Web Page

    Dear Students and Familes:

    During the school closure due to the Covid-19 Virus
    your children's musical education can continue.

    Listen, dance, sing, play instruments for at least 15-30 minutes daily. It's a wonderful way to get exercise and connect with family.

    Children can also express feelings about the situation by writing and singing poems and songs.

    If you don't have any drums, you can create instruments from household items (oatmeal box, pots and pans, paper tube filled with rice!)

    1. I have posted a variety of resources on Schoology and would love to hear from you there.
      Please let me know you are connected/online by posting a comment in the Music Class Community Circle Discussion.
      When students are connected I can provide more instructional materials there.

    2. There are many links on this webpage (see column to the left) for songs, instruments and music history.
      Listen to at least one every day.

    3. Please visit the Makowski Music YouTube page for listening and other music learning resources.

    4. Feel free to reach out and email me at

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    A NOTE From Ms. Cissoko, Vocal/Elementary General Music, PK-4

    I am proud to say I joined the Makowski School 99 faculty in 2001 as a full-time Vocal and Elementary Classroom Music teacher! My room is 154-Train.
    My goal for Makowski students is to develop musical knowledge and skills through active exploration, inquiry and cooperative learning so they can become expressive and creative music makers.
    Skills for singing and playing classroom instruments grow with a foundation of ear-training, creative movement and dramatics. Students build vocabulary and apply critical thinking as they listen and respond to a wide variety of music from around the world. 
    The music classroom is equipped with percussion instruments,
    a keyboard lab donated by the VH1 Save The Music Foundation, and a non-slip dance-floor donated by the Jubilation Foundation. A full set of drums have been provided by the Buffalo Schools Music Department.
    Music instruction is aligned with the New York State Standards for the Arts, Common Core and International Baccalaureate. 
    Children's Music Workshop:  The Benefits of Music Education 
    Child Development and the Arts: Research Summary of Best Practices
    Music Instruction Schedule:
    -Grades PK-3: one 30 minute music class each A-F school-week. 
    -Grade 4: two 40-minute music classes each A-F school-week. 
    -Buffalo Philharmonic Concerts:  Grades 1, 2, 3 & 4 visit the orchestra each fall.


    -Visiting Artists TBA: the Makowski school hosts a variety of enriching presentations.
    School-wide student musical performances:
    -World Holidays Concert/Winter Celebration • December DATE TBA
    -Spring Concert/Ice Cream Social • May or June DATE TBA
    Other special events and music-sharing opportunities may be scheduled throughout the year.
    Parent Volunteers:
    Parents are welcome to help out with concerts or any time! If you would like to volunteer as a helper for classroom music, field trips or in-school concerts—or perhaps you have a special musical talent you would like to share with our students—please contact the music teacher.