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    Welcome to  PK - 30 

           Miss Ford   
    Pre-K curriculum
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    Reading: Big Day
    8 Themes throughout the year
    1. Ready for School                      5.Imagine It, Make It
    2. My Family                                 6.Growing Up Healthy  
    3. Our Community                        7.Nature All Aroun
    4. Awesome Animals                    8.Moving On
    Math - Building Blocks


    Math Lessons that focus on real-world applications and realistic problem solving.  
    Second Step - Program


    International Baccalauerate Program 



    Who We Are - All about Me  
    People need to know and understand themselves in order to build relationships with others.
    How We Express Ourselves 
    Cultures, similiarities are reflected through stories.
    How We Organize Ourselves 
    This is a communty is made up of different people to meet wants and needs.
    How the World Works 
    Living things grow and change over time.
    Websites  to help your child