Academy School 131


    Academy School 131 - Note: Temporary Locations!

    Grades 8-12 – student Hours: 8:05-2:50

    Academy School Main Site @School #4:
    425 South Park
    Buffalo, NY 14204
    P: 716-816-3270
    Fax: 716-878-9720






    School #18-A Middle School & Temporary Satellite:
    179 Albany Street
    Buffalo, NY 14213
    P: 716-816-7180
    Fax: 716-878-9711


    Principal - Ms. Jamie St. John
    Assistant Principals
    Dr. Bert Stevenson
    Mr. Gregory Schultz
    Mr. Donald White


    Our Mission:


    To ensure that every student will have the confidence, knowledge, thinking skills, character and hope to assume responsibility for her/his life and contribute to the lives of others; and we will champion excellence and innovative learning experiences in partnership with family and community; and we will hold ourselves accountable for educating our students and for working to energize all members of the community to actively participate in the accomplishment of our mission.