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    OFFICE HOURS: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday- PERIOD 3
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    Room 8!

     I.  The Numbers: The averages for your Social Studies course will be based on the following criteria and are broken down into the following percentages.


             A)  Classwork/Participation                                                     =60%

             B)  Tests/Quizzes                                                                      =30%

        C.) Homework                                                                      =10%      



    II. Points to Remember:


    A)  Attendance: There is a direct relationship between attendance and achievement.   Furthermore, missing the first five minutes of a class can seriously impact how much a student is able to learn during the period.


    B)  Homework, classwork & projects: Homework, classwork, projects, etc. are given to extend and refine the level of understanding of the content. Timely completion of all homework assignments is imperative for success in this course, therefore homework that is one day late will be penalized at the rate of 50 percent .


    C)   Absence: If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to contact the teacher to discuss the missed work, before class, after class, during a free period, or after school--not during class.


    D)  Effort: Simply completing required tasks (doing the minimum/basics) will not earn you a high grade.  You must demonstrate that you put time, effort, thought, and/or creativity in order to achieve a high grade. Neatness and proper grammar are important and expected. If necessary, please type your assignments.  If your teacher cannot read your work, you cannot earn credit for it.


Phone: 816-4300


Degrees and Certifications:

Special Ed 7-12 Social Studies 7-12

Miss Delaney

Welcome to Ms. Delaney's Social Studies page ! 


Thanks for stopping by ! This will be my TENTH year as a teacher (whoa) and my fourth year at International Prep.  I love all things history so buckle up.  

We work hard but also find time for laughter in my room.  Can't wait to see you all. 


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