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    Global History And Geography 9 

    Course Syllabus
    Mr. Burton – 2015/2016

    Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts

    Current Textbook: World History: Patterns of Interaction


    OBJECTIVES: This course is designed to enable the students to
    successfully pass the Global History Regent's exam. The Global History and
    Geography core curriculums are designed to focus on the five social studies
    standards and common themes that recur across time and place, and seven
    historical eras. This curriculum provides students with opportunity to
    explore what is happening in various regions and civilizations at a given
    time. In addition, it enables them to investigate issues and themes from
    multiple perspectives and make global connections and linkages that lead to
    in-depth understanding.
    As students explore the five social studies standards, they should have
    the opportunity to explore the content and intellectual skills of these

    CONDUCT: These are the basic rules- 1. Be Polite 2. Be Prepared-
    Students will not be permitted to return to their lockers for material they
    forgot to bring to class. 3. Be on time. 4. Generally…don’t be a knucklehead.

    This web site is contains research material, homework assignments, projects,
    link to student sites and
    everything you could possible need to ace the regent’s exam.


    3 - paper folders with clamps and pockets

    pens and paper


    1. Test will be given at the end of each Chapter or Unit.
    2. Quizzes may be announced or unannounced. A short quiz can be
    given on the
    previous night’s assignment.
    3. Homework assignments will be given Monday to Thursday.
    Homework is due the
    next day, unless a specific due date is given.

    Current Events will be due every

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