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    United States History and Government 7/8

    Global History and Government 9
    Mr. Healy  2022/2023
    Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts

    Grade 7/8/9
    Mr. Healy's Schoology


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    The seventh grade covers a time span from the colonization of America up until the American Civil War.

    The eighth grade will cover the American Civil War until Modern times.

    The eleventh grade will cover from Precolonial to yesterday.

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    To develop skills in taking verbal and written notes.

    To increase their critical thinking skills.

    To develop skills in taking part in class discussions.

    To gain skills in extracting main ideas from reading and computer web-based assignments.

    To learn how to analyze trends and evaluate information.

    To develop skills needed for good study habits.

    To develop skills in cooperative learning.
    To improve their skills with using computers and the internet.
    To prepare for the midterm and final examination in social studies.




    Conduct: These are the basic rules- 1. Be Polite 2. Be Prepared-
    Students will not be permitted to return to their lockers for material they
    forgot to bring to class. 3. Be on time. 4. Generally& dont be a knucklehead.
    Homework: Will be assigned every Monday through Thursday. 
    It is posted on the class website and provided in monthly calendar.

    Don't be a Homer... study! 




    If students must come late to class they should not talk to the teacher or interrupt the class when they come in. 

    Students should sign the tardy sign in sheet, sit down, and begin work.

    To discourage tardiness I will follow school policy found in the student handbook.

    A detention will be issued.

    If an another member of the BAVPA communities has causes your lateness. Please have them write off your detention. 



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    Seating Charts will be used.  All students will sit in assigned seats.




    EVALUATION:   Chapter & Unit Test 40%, Classroom Assignments and
     Projects 45% a
    nd Homework 15%.
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    1. Test will be given at the end of each Chapter or Unit.
    2. Quizzes may be announced or unannounced. 
    A short quiz can be
    given on the previous nights assignment.
    3. Homework assignments will be given Monday to Thursday.
    Homework is due the next day, unless a specific due date is given.

    4. Late Homework: If class is missed with legal excuse, it is due next class.
     Without a legal excuse..... late assignments will lose 25%.
    Assignments will not be accepted after 5 schools days.

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    Supply List

    No. 2 pencils

    Pencil sharpener (manual with a top to collect shavings)

    Large pink eraser

    Ballpoint pens


    Loose-leaf notebook paper

    Three-ring binder for Social Studies

    Pocket folders

    Small notebook to record assignments

    Calendar for scheduling assignments



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    Topic 1- Geography and Early Humans

    Geography and Pre-history


    Topic 2- Religion/Belief Systems

    Belief Systems/Religions

    Topic 3- Early River Valley Civilizations

     Early River Valley Civilizations

    Topic 4- Greece and Rome

    Ancient Greece

    Ancient Rome

    Topic 5- Medieval Period and Byzantine Empire

     Byzantine Empire and Medieval Europe

    Topic 6- West African Empires

     West Africa

    Topic 7- Golden Age of Islam

     Islamic Empires

    Topic 8- East Asia

     Mongolian Empire

    Topic 9- Renaissance and Reformation

     The Renaissance

    Protestant Reformation

    Scientific Revolution

    Topic 10- Age of Exploration/First Global Age

    The Age of Exploration

    The First Global Age






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