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    Miss Kristen Stoczynski

    Burgard High School
    Phone: 816-4450 ext. 1226

    E-Mail: kstoczynski@buffaloschools.org


    Business Teacher, Cheerleading Coach, Cat Lover, Die Hard Buffalo Bills Fan,
    Mexican Food Devotee, Reading Enthusiast, Hilarious Comedian (maybe)

    MEOW. the two loves of my life.


    2nd Floor Computer Lab, Room 226

    Born and raised in Buffalo. Attended Geneseo State University for my Bachelors of Science in International Business Relations & Canisius College for my Master of Adolescent Education.


    Studied abroad in London, England during college. Traveled all over Europe & Asia.


    My Daily Schedule:

    Period 1CFM (226)
    Period 2Prep
    Period 3CFM (226)
    Period 4Lunch
    Period 5/6Cafeteria Duty
    Period 7/8CFM (226)
    Period 9Common Planning (209/Basement)
    Period 10CFM (226)
    Period 11CFM (226)


    I became a teacher because I love to learn. I was inspired in school by teachers who taught me to question things; teachers who valued my thoughts and opinions; teachers who taught me how to see the world from more than just my perspective.

    "The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."