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  •                              Physical Education and Athletics

    Welcome,    This page will be about Healthy Activities.   Consisting of Mr Beale's Physical Education and Health Classes and  the Science Magnet Sports Teams.

     Our PE program in Buffalo Public Schools:

    -The Physical Education curriculum, instruction and assessment is based the Physical Education Standards set by New York State. These standards include motor/movement, personal fitness/wellness and personal living skills. 

                In addition to the New York State Standards for Physical Education, MYP is concerned with more than sports and games.  Its clear goal is to contribute to the development of the student’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social maturity

        Major Units:

         Flag Football, Soccer, Basketball, Modified Hockey Games, Team Handball, Fitness Cycles, Volleyball, Racket sports, Low Organized games, Softball, Lax

        Fitness Gram- We will emphasize the use of the Fitness Gram tests throughout the year.  They include the Pacer Run, Curl-ups and Push- ups as our main focus.   This is also used as our pre-class warm up and we will test the students in January and in May to see how  "FIT" they are compared to students of similar age across America. 


            Effort and participation.   Attitude and sportsmanship.  Ability and respect.

            If you try your hardest,  help others, and are tolerant of others I can be a fun teacher. But if you do not try, break school rules, and put others down then I can be a bad teacher for you.  Your child needs to make good and appropriate decisions.

        PE Homework

    Put the gameboys down and get outside and play.   During commercials while your watching TV, drop and do push-ups and sit-ups. 


             Sports News

    Track Meet   Thursday May 19  7/8 grades

    Friday  May 20    practice for 5/6

    Track Meet     Monday May 23    grade 5/6      4pm at Johnie B Wiley

      More dates to be added.

    Athletes need an updated physical to be allowed to participate on a School Team.