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    Mrs. Pryshlak's Resource Room


    The Buffalo Public Schools are committed to providing our students with a quality education and support services to achieve that goal. The Resource Room is an important part of achieving that goal. We have "HIGH EXPECTATIONS FOR ALL." 

    As the Resource Room teacher you can EXPECT me to:

    • Be present each day to provide the student with support services to help facilitate learning
    • Provide materials and instruction in appropriate study skills
    • Review, clarify, and support the students with difficult assignments/projects
    • Provide a supportive environment for the testing modifications entitled to the student

    As the Resource Room student you are EXPECTED to:              

    • Be present each day
    • Come to class prepared to work - material and attitude
    • Behave in a respectful manner
    • Inform the RR teacher about difficult class work
    • Work towards improving your grades and learning all the material required by your classroom teachers
    • Be honest and cooperative with RR teacher in regards to your class work and graded assignments 


    As a Parent you will be expected to:

    • Maintain contact with the school to monitor your child's progress
    • Support the school at home by checking and helping your child with homework
    • Visit the school during open house to learn first hand how your child is progressing
    • Review your child's report card each quarter and discuss the grades and comments