Ms. Kulik's Global History and Geography Classes

  • I am Ms. Erica Kulik.  I have been teaching for most of my career in South Park and I love my job.  My goal is to help all of my students pass Global Studies 9 and 10 and U.S. History and Government.  In order for the students to pass they need to put in some effort too.

    Lava Flow Ribbon at Night A556
    • 5 Newspaper Summaries a marking period.

    • 1  2-inch or larger binder
    • paper
    • blue or black pens
    • 3x5 cards
    • a few highlighters
    • also not necessarily for class but to be used on projects: crayons and markers


         Although it is not necessary to have a review book, it is helpful in preparation for the Regents Exams.  I recommend getting either the Star Review or Prentice Hall Review.  Both books can be purchased at any bookstore or on line.  Also they can be purchased for Global 10 or U.S. History depending on which course you are enrolled in.

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