• Algebra

    Ø      Contacting Me

    o       Main Office Phone:  716.816.3888

    o       E-mail:  mkkhalilm@gmail.com


    Ø Supplies:  Each student will need to bring in the following supplies:

    o       1 ½ inch or 2 inch binder

    o       1 set of 5 dividers with tabs

    o       2 pocket folder with fasteners (Two different colors, one will serve as a “take home” folder and the other will be for an “agenda”)

    o       several pencils (Only work done in pencil will be accepted)

    o       Plenty of loose leaf paper


    Ø      Homework:  Any unfinished work from the day’s lesson is homework.  Homework is always due the next day.  Homework is worth 5-10 points, depending on the length of the assignment.  Points are awarded for an honest effort on the entire assignment and not on accuracy.  All work must be shown to receive credit.  Late homework will not be accepted. 



    Ø      Making the Grade:  In order to be successful in math, it is essential that students work hard in a variety of areas.  A student’s grade is based on, schoolwork, homework, and unit assessments (tests & quizzes).


    o       Quizzes (CFA) (15%):  These will be given at least once a week, typically on Fridays. These are meant for you to find out what you need more work on before the CUT (unit test).

    o       Homework (30%):  Homework will consist of any assignments given in class that were not finished in class.  Sometimes homework assignments may be started in class; other times they will be handed out at the end of class. It is crucial that homework is done because it’s practice for the quizzes/tests.

    o       Unit Tests (CUT) (55%):  These will be given throughout the units and/or at the end of the units to assess what the students have learned.