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  • Welcome!  Mr. Venne's US History & Government 

    I hope you have the opportunity to use this site to improve your knowledge of our class and prepare yourself for the our Regents Exam in June.  I will include links to additional resources to help you prepare for achieving mastery on your exam as well as getting ready for your next step after high school. 

    We will base the class off of 9 units:
    1. British Colonies & Constitutional Issues
    2. Modern Era
    3. The 50's &60's
    4. US Overseas & WWII 
    5. The Great Depression & US Neutrality 
    6. Progressive Era & WWI
    7. US Expansion, Civil War & Rise of Big Business
    8. Early Presidents & Key Supreme Court Cases
    9. Regents Review 

    Mr. Venne
    Burgard High School 
    email: javenne