Bienvenidos! - Estimados alumnos y parientes:

  • Parents and students;

    Welcome to my web page, this is a new and valuable tool to all of us. I am getting ready to post all our Spanish work, quizzes and homework , in order to maximize communication and student achievement. Everyone interested in my classes will be able to check for homework, missing assignments, current tests or extra points work. In the mean time, I will give you a quick overview of our schedule:

    Mondays: new vocabulary will be introduced. 

    Tuesdays:if needed, students will finish identifying the new material and then take it home to study. The vocabulary should be available for the rest of the week.

    Wednesdays: practice new vocabulary and grammar. (listening, writing, reading and speaking)

    Thursdays: quiz the new material. (see quizzes)

    Fridays: math day; we may work on a project, cultural understanding, review, or applying the new material to real world experiences and mathematics.



    10:42 AM                                                       February 7, 2008