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    • Miss Kim has served students from 85 different countries.  Currently, she has students from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Bhutan, Eritrea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Dijibouti, Iraq, Kenya, Malaysia, Myanmar, Puerto Rico, Somalia, Sudan, Thailand,  and Yemen. 

    • Help session:  Ask, you shall get the help you need.  Please bring your work with you.                                  I can help you with any subject.

      We are together!
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    • When you are absent, you are responsible for your missing work as indicated in the syllabus.  You may call and e-mail for the missing work and assignments. 


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    • tel #: 240-614-2211


    • Ask me about my awesome trip to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute in Alabama.
    • Ask me about slaves who free themselves in North Carolina. 
    • Ask me about a post card I received from the President Obama 
    • You may view the lessons by clicking on my resources.