Mr. Hangen's Home Page

  • Hello, my name is Michael G. Hangen. 

    I am one of several instructors in the Culinary Arts and Hospitality (CFM-A & B) programs here at Emerson School of Hospitality.  Our school is located at 70-86 West Chippewa Street (between Delaware & Franklin) in downtown Buffalo, NY.  Parents, students and guests are required to use the 86 West Chippewa Street entrance and enter the school on the second floor.

    The first semester - my Introduction to Hospitality (CFM-B) classes will be using the ProStart curriculum.  Students will be instructed in basic Culinary Arts Math, Safety, Sanitation, Personal Hygiene, Equipment and Cutlery (identification, safe use, cleaning and storage), and Terminology.  Tests in Culinary Arts Math are taken every Wednesday and a ProStart Textbook Chapter Test is taken every Friday. 

    Home work assignments - studying for tests and completing extra credit assignments that are described each week on a chapter by chapter basis.

    The second semester - Career & financial Management (CFM-A) is taught using MoneySkill, NY CareerZone and Classroom work and discussions.  This course is a portfolio based class where as students must complete financial management assignments in the class, on the computer and internet.  Below are some of the required classroom links that we will be accessing during the school year. 

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  I can be reached at 816-3013 or you can e-mail me at  Thank you.

    Please have a pleasant and productive day!



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