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Due to the unfortunate events of this  past week, our first unit and project revolves around Jamey.  Here is his picture and story.  Please read and educate yourself, family, and friends of the harmful effects of bullying.




Bullying Unit #1





Definition: overbearing person who tyrannizes the weak; intimidation, a person hired to do violence
Context: The act of bullying is usually targeted at others who are not as strong. Bullies are often very aggressive.


Definition: intellectual identification of oneself with another, understanding the attitudes of others.
Context: When one demonstrates empathy they are putting themselves in another's shoes to learn how they feel and or act.


Definition: offering a choice of two things, selecting a course of action.
Context: We can choose alternatives to our behaviors and look for various ways to react to others. Talking over an issue is a better alternative than hitting someone who has made us angry.