Mr. Stumpf's Engineering CAD/Design Solutions classroom website!

Welcome Hutch Tech Seniors to Mr. Stumpf's


This site is dedicated to the advanced learning of Mechanical Design,CAD and Engineering Design principals as they apply to the world of Engineering here at Hutchinson Central Technical High School.

This site provides students with all the information necessary to perform their day to day tasks as engineering students in my room.  The assignments are posted at the My Classwork link so that students can easily see what they need to accomplish.  The Calendar link also provides quick and easy access to all assignments as well as the daily learning objectives for each class.  There is also extensive reference material located on this site under the My Resources link.

Likewise, this site is a great resource for parents and administrators to be able to see and gain a better understanding of what is expected of the students in these classes.

We sketch in engineering and it's an important aspect of learning computer aided design.