Health Education and Physical Education are academic subjects and are an integral part of the Buffalo Public Schools' whole student education program. Our vision is to create a generation of informed students who will be inspired to pursue a healthy and physically active lifestyle.



    The Buffalo Public Schools Health and Physical Education Program is committed to providing an engaging, rigorous, progressive, and inclusive curriculum through quality, standards-based K-12 instruction. Our students will attain the knowledge and skills that are designed to enhance their health, social, emotional, and physical well-being for life in the 21stcentury.


    Health and Physical Education Goals
    1. Implement the district adopted, evidence-based SPARK physical education curriculum and pacing guide as it applies to elementary and high schools.
    2. Implement the district adopted pre- and post-test FitnessGram fitness testing in all BPS schools with fidelity.
    3. Implement district adopted, evidence-based CATCH, HealthSmart, Be Proud Be Responsible and Reducing the Risk health curricula and grade level pacing guides with fidelity in all schools.
    4. Collaborate, communicate, and coordinate the sharing of instructional resources among health and physical education department staff members.
    5. Recruit, retain, and mentor a highly qualified and diverse staff of health and physical educators.