Swimming Page

  • Welcome to Coach Mike's Swim Class?

    To pass this course, students must plan to meet three expectations.

    1.  Be on-time-  Arriving late to class, disrupts the lesson.
    2.  Be prepared-  Students must bring swimsuit and towel in a clear plastic bag.
    3.  Participate in every class- Active participation engages the student in a lifelong sport and teaches the student to be safe around the water.

    Throughout the school year, we will attempt to answer these essential questions:

    *Essential Questions:

                    -Approaches to learning: How are learning swim skills and techniques necessary to lead a healthy lifestyley

                    -Community and service: What are some health issues that you can get involved in to promote health and fitness in your community?

                    -Human ingenuity: How can you develop and evaluate new strategies for swim team play, warm-ups and drills?

                    -Environment: Do you recognize the importance of safety within the environment and what can you do to help improve this environment?

                    -Health and social education: How does this activity have an effect on the body and mind?

                    -How can the skills learned in the activity relate to other aspects in your daily routines?