Student Support Team

    McKinley High School strives to enable students to achieve academic excellence through a caring, accommodating and challenging learning environment.

    McKinley’s Support Staff

    -          Denice Maraglino (CSE Chairperson) – 816-4480, ext. 1156 - RM 156

    -          Rochelle Vaarwerk – School Psychologist – 816-4480, ext. 1516 - RM 210

    -          Danielle Jennings – School Social Worker – 816-4480,  ext 1202 - RM 202

    Reasons you may want to contact the team:

    Any regular or special education student who demonstrates a behavior or skill deficit that interferes with the student’s academic progress may be referred.


    Such concerns might include:

    -          Attendance/Tardiness issues

    -          Specific academic concerns or skill deficits

    -          Classroom behavior the interferes with the student’s learning

    -          Any crisis the student is going through that is affecting them in school

    Important Numbers for parents/ students

    Crisis Services – 834-1134

    Child’s Health Plus – 1-800-522-5006

    RAINN Sexual Assault Hotline – 1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

    Runaway – Any and all information for youth and parents – 1-800-RUNAWAY

    Counseling for teens by teens – 1-877-YOUTHLINE

    Important Websites:

    Western New York Regional Information network:

    Special Education Resources:

    Parent Services for students with disabilities: