• Welcome to the Buffalo Public School District Purchase Department.

    Our goal is to obtain the best value for goods and services for the students, teachers, administration and staff of the District.




    WARNING: It has come to our attention that there are individuals representing themselves as agents of the Buffalo Public School District in a fraudulent attempt to acquire IT equipment.


    These individuals are using email phishing methods to impersonate legitimate Buffalo Board of Education email addresses. The Buffalo Public School District email domain is “buffaloschools.org”. The phishing email deceptions to date are using variations of the District domain such as “buffalloschools.org” or “buffalosschools.org”. (note the double ll and double ss when they should be single).


    If you have any questions regarding the validity of a purchase order or procurement inquiry you have received, please contact purchasing@buffaloschools.org for verification of authenticity.


    Beware of any variation to the official and only legitimate domain name for the Buffalo, NY Public Schools operated under the Buffalo Board of Education which is:  “buffaloschools.org”.



    Michael S. Yeates

    Director of Purchase

    816 City Hall

    Buffalo, New York 14202


    (716) 816-3585 - myeates@buffaloschools.org