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    On this website you can find everything that you need to catch up, make up, prepare, or review for my class.

    Ms. Krieger's Schedule 2016/2017 

    Per 1:            CC Algebra 2                                 Room 325

    Per 2:            Common Planning                          Room 325

    Per 3/4:         Algebra Full Year                            Room 325

    Per 5:            Lunch Room 325

    Per 6:            CC Algebra Year 2                          Room 325

    Per 7:            PREP                                             Room 325

    Per 1:            CC Algebra Year 2                          Room 325

    What to Expect in Ms. Krieger's Class:


    In the Classroom:


    Your daily assignment, objective, homework, important dates, worksheets, and any test review material will be posted on the board or in the classroom.  If you lose track of where we are, or did not hear instructions, just look on the board to find the information that you need. 


    If you need help during a lesson you should use the three before me rule. Look in your notes or book, reread the question, ask a neighbor for help. If none of those help raise your hand and WAIT TO BE CALLED on and the teacher/s in the class will come to your table to help as soon as they are able.  DO NOT SHOUT QUESTIONS.  All your questions will be answered as soon as they can be addressed.