Mission Statement

  • Mission

    It is our pleasure to welcome your children to the Newcomer Academy at Lafayette High School.

    Newcomer Academy welcomes high school level English Language Learners from around the world.   At Newcomer Academy at Lafayette the selection of appropriate curriculum and consistent, well-directed instruction are the basic principles around which all decisions regarding the academic and personal well-being of students revolves. We are guided by a philosophy that allows us to cater to the unique needs of newcomer English Language Learners, while attempting to maximize teaching and learning. We believe in the ability of our students and staff to work together in order to achieve our goal of offering a quality education to all students. This belief drives our decisions at Newcomer Academy at Lafayette. Our students will possess the skills, knowledge and competency to compete in a college and career readiness world. Newcomer Academy is here to help students achieve a comprehensive grasp of their new language in a timely manner so they can successfully earn a NYS high school diploma.