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    The Buffalo City School District is proud of the opportunities and advantages we offer to

    our employees and we are committed to providing high-quality benefits and programs 

    designed to meet the needs of our dedicated and diverse community.



    The Benefits Office has contracted with Verifi1 Inc.,

    to conduct a dependent verification project for

    those who are enrolled in District group health insurance

    with FAMILY coverage.




    The Buffalo City School District (BCSD) is committed to providing high-quality health care benefits at a sustainable cost for you and for BCSD. In order to maintain that commitment, we need to confirm compliance with our benefits plans’ eligibility guidelines so we do not pay claims for ineligible participants. We realize mistakes and misunderstandings can happen. For example, employees may forget to report a change such as a divorce, resulting in costly claim overpayments.



    The dependent verification project runs from June 1, 2022, through September 30, 2022. 

    There is a 30-day appeal process from October 1, 2022, through October 31, 2022.


    Action Steps:

    Employees enrolled in the district's group health insurance with family coverage will be required to submit documentation to Verifi1, Inc., to verify that the dependents (including spouse) you have enrolled in health care coverage meet the eligibility rules defined by the BCSD's plan.   


    Review the list of documents required and submit them to Verifi1 Inc., 

    Web Portal - https://BCSD.verifi1.com

    Call Center -  855-486-2472 Monday- Friday 8 AM- 8PM ET

    Mail - PO Box 851408, Westland, MI 48185-0690*

    Fax - 800-209-9201*


    *If you intend to mail or fax your documents, please complete this cover sheet to submit with your documentation.


    Do NOT submit your documents to the Benefits Office.  They will be returned to you with instructions to submit the documents to Verifi1 Inc.


    Additional Information:

    List of documents required to verify dependent eligibility

    Instructions for the Web Portal

    Contact Verifi1, Inc.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is dependent eligibility verification?                                         

    Dependent eligibility verification (DEV) is the process of verifying the relationships allowed under the plan rules are valid between employees and their enrolled dependents (including spouses).


    Who is Verifi1?                                                                

    Verifi1 is an experienced, independent third party retained by BCSD to conduct an impartial review of dependent relationships.  Verifi1 employees are HIPAA certified and all information sent to us is stored in a protective environment.


    What security measures does Verifi1 have in place?

    Verifi1 takes security to the next level. Our system, facility, and employees follow the strictest security protocols.

    The Verifi1 system:

    • All data is stored in an encrypted environment.  In the unlikely event someone were to access our system, they could not read the data without the encryption codes, which we store on a separate server.
    • The data is backed up every evening to a separate location to ensure that data is protected.
    • Data transferred to and from our system is done using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).
    • Access to the system is by password only.  Required passwords follow strict protocols on size and type and are reviewed programmatically.  If a login is not used for more than thirty days, it is removed.
    • Users are assigned logins based on permission, meaning they only have access to the data pertaining to them.
    • The system has built-in firewalls and software to protect it from unauthorized access and generates a notification if there is an unauthorized attempt.
    • The system is audited by a third-party administrator annually (EY) Ernst Young.
    • Verifi1 has managed millions of verifications and never had a data breach.

    Our facility:

    • Our facility is camera monitored 24/7.  Each area of the facility is locked and only employees with a need to enter each location are given security clearance to enter.
    • Only verification employees are allowed access to the verification room.  Mailed documents never leave the room.  Once the program is over, mailed documents are shredded in the room and then removed and pulverized by a third-party supplier.

    Our employees:

    • All employees are HIPAA trained and certified.
    • Background checks are completed on all employees before hire.
    • Corporate Disaster Recovery Plans are in place, monitored, and audited on an annual basis.


    From a security point of view, Verifi1 systems are as tight as possible.  We have gone beyond the security processes of most companies to include steps necessary to protect client data.


    What if I cannot find the documents needed to supply?

    Please contact the Verifi1 call center at 855-486-2472 Monday- Friday 8 AM- 8PM ET for specific documentation help. Alternative documents may be acceptable depending on your circumstances. New copies of Marriage Certificates/Birth Certificates can be requested online through the county in which the marriage/ birth occurred.





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