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    As part of New York State (NYS) mandates, NYS will be seeking parental input regarding parent involvement and special education services within the district. A random sample of parents will be selected from students that are receiving special education services in all education settings such as Buffalo Public Schools, Pre-schools, Agencies and Charter/Non-public. Completed surveys will be confidential and parent responses will be submitted directly to a third party for review. It is important that if a survey is received that it is completed and submitted so we can continue to improve special education services and parent involvement within BPS. 




    Como parte de los mandatos del estado de Nueva York (NYS), NYS buscará la opinión de los padres con respecto a la participación de los padres y los servicios de educación especial dentro del distrito. Se seleccionará una muestra al azar de padres de entre los estudiantes que reciben servicios de educación especial en todos los entornos educativos, como las Escuelas Públicas de Búfalo, Prescolar, Agencias y Chárter / No Público. Las encuestas completadas serán confidenciales y las respuestas de los padres se enviarán directamente a un tercero para su revisión. Es importante que, si se recibe una encuesta, se complete y envíe para que podamos continuar mejorando los servicios de educación especial y la participación de los padres dentro de las escuelas públicas. Si tiene alguna pregunta, comuníquese con Rosemary Arnone al 816-4747 o con Lizarelis Ali al 816-4736 para información en español.


  • Staff Directory
    Assistant Superintendent of Special Education
    Kim Hoelscher
    School 12/ Math Science Technology School 197
    33 Ash Street 14204/646 East Delevan 14215
    Director--Instructional Programs
    Robyn Tate
    Math Science Technology School 197--Room 132
    646 East Delevan Avenue 14215
    Supervisor--Special Education Placement
    Erin Barren
    School 12
    33 Ash Street 14204
    Supervisor--Committee on Special Education
    Nicole Donegan
    Math Science Technology School 197--Room 219
    646 East Delevan Avenue 14215
    Supervisor--Committee on Special Education
    Dr. Jennifer L. Jones, Ph.D
    Math Science Technology School 197--Room 219
    646 East Delevan Avenue 14215
    Supervisor--Instructional Programs
    Dr. Toni Mixon, Ph.D
    Math Science Technology School 197--Room 221
    646 East Delevan Avenue 14215
    Supervisor--Related Services and Medicaid
    Deanna Rivera
    Math Science Technology School 197--Room 219
    646 East Delevan Avenue 14215
    Supervisor--Staffing and Instructional Programs
    Katie Wilbert
    Math Science Technology School 197--Room 221
    646 East Delevan Avenue 14215
    SESIS--Special Education School Improvement Specialists 
    Buffalo City RSE-TASC-- Regional Special Education Technical Assistance Support Center
    Math Science Technology School 197, Room 131
    646 East Delavan Avenue
    Buffalo, New York 14215
    Cynthia Clark
    Melanie Koch
    Gina Kuper
    Special Education Coach
    Math Science Technology School 197, Room 131
    646 East Delavan Avenue
    Buffalo, New York 14215
    Anita Martell
    Special Education Department Clerical Staff
    Liz Ali
    Community Education Leader
    Cheryl DiPalma
    Administrative Assistant
    Laura Lavis
    Account Clerk Typist
    Lauren-Marie Pratt
    Senior Account Clerk Typist
    Kelly Waldraff
    Senior Stenographer
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    The Buffalo Public Schools Special Education Department will be nationally known for systematic implementation of practices that produce substantial gains in self-advocacy, specially designed instruction and appropriate instruction for career development and work-based learning.



    The BPS Special Education Department supports students and families by providing an educational foundation that enables students to think, communicate, and apply skills in the real world.

    This web page provides information on a variety of topics relating to special education for parents, students and the BPS community.

    Each one of our schools has a Student Support Team (SST).  The SST is a group of educational professionals who assist parents and staff when a student experiences difficulties in school.  SST members include a Psychologist, Social Worker and School Counselor, and others.

    Our Student Support Team is a problem solving team that:

    • generates ideas that will help students succeed in school,
    • suggests specially designed instruction for students resistant to traditional teaching and /or classroom management techniques
    • assists with implementation of academic &/or behavior interventions intended to promote student's success in school.

    Contact the Student Support Team by calling the main number at the school. There are posters in the main office of every school with contact information!

    Committee on Special Education - CSE 

    Every school has a CSE Chairperson that facilitates the process to ensure compliance with Federal and State Regulations.  Contact the school to contact the CSE Chair.

    Letter to Parents regarding CSE Chairpersons

    Attention Parents!
    If you are a resident of this school district and you have placed, or are considering placing, your child who has a disability or is suspected of having a disability in a nonpublic school for which you would be paying tuition, the letter available below contains information important for you to know.

    CLICK HERE to download the letter to Parents who place their Children in Nonpublic Schools.