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    About Our Program

    The program at The Frederick Law Olmsted School is an initiative of the Superintendent’s “New Educational Bargain,” focusing on “Extended Learning Excellence for All Our Students.”  The goal of the 2019-2020 After/Extended School Program is to provide a quality, sustainable, extended time program to help students become healthy, college and career ready, contributing members of their community. The District Extended Learning model is a 3-part framework, placing an emphasis on strategies that support a whole-child approach to learning: 

    1. Academic Enrichment – activities that supplement enhance or reinforce what is learned during the regular school day.
    2. Positive Youth Development – encourage students to develop into well-rounded, college and career ready adults.
    3. Health and Wellness – promote healthy eating, physical recreation activities, nutrition, and health

    Weekly Schedule

    Day Hours Programming
    MONDAY  3:05-5:05 p.m.  Academic enrichment with a focus on math and the arts
    TUESDAY  - -
    WEDNESDAY  3:05-5:05 p.m.  Academic enrichment with a focus on math and the arts.
    THURSDAY - -
    FRIDAY - -


    PS 156  Frederick Law Olmsted