• Attention Hutch Tech:

    Fall 2022 Tech Success Program: 

    Before school and after-school academic support sessions begin the week of Monday, October 3, 2022.

    All students are welcome to attend any session, morning or afternoon!

    PARENTS:  Please note, this is an academic intervention program that will be assigned to students if they are failing courses or in need of Regents Preparation to challenge exams in January or June.  We rely on your assistance in monitoring your child's  attendance and participation in this program.

    Schedule TBA

    Contact your grade level assistant principal for more information:

    Grade 9:    Mr. Gregory Stefanone, gstefanone@buffaloschools.org
    Grade 10:  Mr. Dennis Lesniak, dlesniak@buffaloschools.org
    Grade 11:  Mr. Pedro Estrada, pestrada@buffaloschools.org
    Grade 12:  Mr. Daniel Zack, dzack@buffaloschools.org