• Phoenix Tech Squad, “Where Leaders Are Made”

    The Phoenix Tech Squad is compiled of a team of students from grades 6-8. They are part of the Student Technology Leadership Program (STL) at Marva J. Daniel Futures Prep #37. The STL program aims to create an authentic culture of student and teacher collaboration for effective technology integration for learning. The students are provided with training from Brianna Pride, a district ITC and the team’s facilitators, Cheryl Guido and Amy Burdette, both Special Education teachers. The training equips the students with knowledge and skills related to technology, internet safety, ethics, and interpersonal skills. Students partner with teachers at the school to help use technology to improve student learning.

    The Phoenix Tech Squad was started during the 2015-2016 school year and has successfully helped the teachers at #37 in the following ways:
    • Create content to use with their students
    • Assist teachers with using the features of Schoology to differentiate lessons for student use during grade level meetings
    • Taught teachers how to use mirroring and Apple Classroom to better monitor technology use in the classroom
    • Created videos to celebrate Black History Month, videos to be showcased at graduation and videos to promote attendance at Saturday Academies
    • STL’s taught Digital Citizenship lessons to classes in grades 3 & 4 to help the students learn to engage within a digital environment with responsibility and confidence