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    About Our Program

    Our extended learning program is daily October 16, 2019 - May 21, 2020 and has been designed for enrichment for our first through third grade students. Students participate in physical activities, music and science exploration as well as reinforcement of mathematical  and reading foundational skills. We have partnered with Parker Academy to provide weekly enrichment programming in art exploration, social educational, phyiical, fitness and wellness. 

    Weekly Schedule

    Day Hours Programming
    MONDAY  4:00-6:00  ELA and Math Support
    TUESDAY  4:00-6:00  ELA and Math Support
    WEDNESDAY  4:00-6:00  ELA and Math Support
    THURSDAY  4:00-6:00  ELA and Math Support 
    FRIDAY  4:00-6:00  Enrichment Fridays


    CBO Partners
    Parker Academy