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    About Our Program

    The 21st Century After School Program provides academic and cultural enrichment enhanced through several recreational activities that support student learning. Students learn basic safe cooking skills that include time, measurement, cleanliness, and meal preparations infused with healthy eating. In the pool, students learn breathing exercises and beginning level swimming. Staff are trained to make social and emotional connections with students to be able to provide personalized services and experiences to students. Staff also encourage students to do their best to thrive in both academic and enrichment activities. Students are provided with authentic whole-child experiences and create lasting memories and skills. 

    Weekly Schedule

    Day Hours Programming
    MONDAY  3:05 - 5:05  21st Century for grades 3 - 6 
    TUESDAY   3:05 - 5:05  21st Century for grades 3 - 6
    WEDNESDAY   3:05 - 5:05  21st Century for grades 3 - 6
    THURSDAY   3:05 - 5:05  21st Century for grades 3 - 6
    FRIDAY   3:05 - 5:05  21st Century for grades 3 - 6


    CBO Partners
    Northwest Buffalo Community Center
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