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    About Our Program

    ELT has been up and running smoothly! We have many vendors coming in and supplementing our students like: Create a MiniBook, Drum Beats, Animal Adventures, Black Knights Chess, Platinum Planning Dance, Silent Disco and Many more!


    Program runs 5 days a week, but follows the district calendar when there is no school scheduled. We run from 4:00-6:00p and always include homework help, academic blocks, enrichment blocks, and a hot meal! If you are interested in signing up, applications are posted outside the main office check in window.


    Also keep an eye out for our community events during the week and Saturday academies!

    Weekly Schedule

    Day Hours Programming
    MONDAY  4:05 – 6:05 PM  Arts ‘n Crafts / Soccer 4 Success
    TUESDAY  4:05 – 6:05 PM  Computers / Hustle 4 Heath
    WEDNESDAY  4:05 – 6:05 PM  Animal Adventures / Soccer 4 Success
    THURSDAY  4:05 – 6:05 PM  Cooking / Music
    FRIDAY  4:05 – 6:05 PM  Arts ‘n Crafts / Basketball / Computers / Dance / Soccer 4 Success