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  • Bullying can often go unseen or unnoticed. When bullying occurs, it can be seen in small ways over a long period of time or in a large way all at one time. What makes bullying different than a "conflict" is an imbalance of power between two students; when an altercation occurs with two students equally engaged, it is not considered bullying.


    Examples of a large incident is much easier to see, recognize, and address. The person who is doing the bullying has been vocal and physical to the bullying victim. He/she might threaten the other student with bodily or psychological harm and finds ways to fulfill the threat. The victim has no means of escape or is unable to fight back and is physically or emotionally harmed. Anyone who witnesses such events should report it immediately to administration. The online reporting form can also be used for this purpose.


    Examples of bullying over long periods of time are much more difficult to detect and protect the student. It could include name calling, making the student the focus of jokes, cyberbullying, constantly bumping into the student, taking personal belongings of the student, threaten to harm if they tell, etc. In this situation the student victim often is quiet, tries not to make trouble, and feels he/she can handle the problem on their own. The wall of silence is represented by the student not telling any adults, and peers not stopping the bullying or telling an adult. Adults in the area may not even notice the bullying going on.

    This is why we have the online reporting form. This form is completely anonymous, and no one will know who reported an incident. If you are a student, parent, or ANYONE who is aware of someone being bullied (it could be you), click on the link below to let the school know what is going on. The form gets emailed directly to our principals
    for immediate follow up.