Welcome To Geometry

Image of Geometry
  • Welcome to Geometry with Mr. Casali! In this course, we will be working with how components react together in space, relative to their numbers and shapes. We will be touching on the topics of: constructions, constructions using a compass, angles, complex shapes, parallelism versus perpendicular-ism, and more! We will even see the origins of triginometry by using right triangles, in addition to using dynamic software to assist us in visually understanding how things react within a plane with a program called Geogebra. All of this leads to a culmination of the final Regents Geometry exam!

    The two "P's" that hold the most significance in this course are: Precision and Persistance. Precision helps us to be as accurate as possible, and persistance pushes us to never give up in the face of a challenge. And last, but not least, a third "P" to end on... PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!