Career Opportunities


    Every Buffalo Public School (BPS) student deserves a dedicated and resourceful teacher in the classroom.  We would like our teachers to be motivated by the question of, “How have I helped a child today?”  Our teachers, teacher aides and assistants, librarians, counselors, social workers, and other educators strive to make the BPS the highest performing urban school district in Western New York.

    You may be eligible for tuition reimbursement under the Teachers of Tomorrow Grant or the Teachers of Tomorrow SMBE Grant.



    We are looking for visionary leaders with the belief that every child in our District has the right to a quality education.  We need leaders to join us and bring the instructional backgrounds and managerial experience to lead teachers and students to exceptional academic achievements.




    Our central office team welcomes talented and committed individuals who are forward thinking in transforming the education of students who attend BPS.  The central office team is made up of problem-solvers working in school performance, curriculum/instructional development, and other operational roles. Staff assigned to non-instructional positions work to support and provide resources for teachers, principals, and students.

    The Buffalo Public Schools welcomes applications from professionals interested in working in an urban environment and joining our highly qualified staff of professional educators. Click the link below to view and apply for available career opportunities.

    Click here to view our career opportunities

    Are you a certified Teacher

    If so, please submit your resume in application for an opportunity with us. Your information will be on file for one year. During that time you may be selected to interview with us at one of the subject area specific recruitment day. Interviews are invitation only.