Receivership Update
    Modified Receivership information will be posted in the near future.
    Stakeholders are continuing to meet and and modify the plan.
    Initial Receivership Meeting
    Friday, February 15, 2019
    The Academy School 131@4
    4:30 PM in the Auditorium

    For those unable to attend the February 15th, 4:30 informational meeting at #131 referencing our Receivership status from the New York State Education Department, we have dedicated this online platform in order to collect your questions, comments, and suggestions, and/or allow you to join our Community Engagement Team (CET).

    The Community Engagement Team (CET), will consist of all stakeholders who wish to transform our school into a successful learning environment. As a stakeholder, your questions or concerns are important to us. Please feel free to volunteer to be on the CET by designating so in the survey below, or contact our office at any time at 816-3270.