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    Honoring the Lives Lost on May 14th


    In memory of the victims lost and injured from the horrific mass shooting on May 14th, 2022, the Scholars of the Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Initiatives Programs of the Buffalo Public Schools will hosted a community forum and food drive on May 24th, 2022. This honoring and healing moment featured performances from our scholars to honor our tremendous loss and begin the process of healing as a community. Although we will never forget the loved ones we have lost, we will forever stand together as a community to drown out hate with love. Our district community scholars from Buffalo Public Schools uplifted their voices to ensure that our future will be brighter.


    Students Speak Out Against Hate


    African Dance Troupe At Healing Event


    The Office of CLRI has compiled a Healing & Resilience in the Days After packet of lessons and resources for educators to support educators in working with their scholars to mitigate the harmful effects of the racial trauma being experienced in the wake of the horrific tragedy recently experienced by our entire District Community. Teacher reflection resources for preparing to have these courageous and healing dialogues with our scholars who need this level of engagement and processing during this difficult time are also included.

    Healing Cover

    Healing and Resilience in the Days After



    In the Family & Community Resource Guide, you will find a plethora of resources that can help to mitigate the racial trauma that has been imposed upon our district community. We encourage you to use these resources as a platform for processing and identifying emotions and fostering hope, healing, and resilience after the traumatic event that has occurred.


    Hands & Heart



    Fifth grade scholars at Frank A. Sedita School #31, with the support of their teacher, Ms. Selena Borek, wrote and mailed letters to President Biden. Ms. Borek shared, "In response to the tragedy in Buffalo, my class wrote letters to President Biden asking him to fight racism in our community and suggested practices to do just that. [You will find their] writing inspirational and valuable as we all seek to understand and navigate the aftermath of the Buffalo shooting this past weekend. I just sent them to the White House this morning! We are hopeful for some kind of response from the administration."


    BPS Students Write to President Biden - Urging to Fight Racism


    BPS Teacher Letter to President Biden

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    "We Lift as We Climb." - Mary Church Terrell

    It is our greatest joy to provide culturally relevant curriculum, resources, and experiences to the students in the Buffalo Public School District.


    Vision Statement:

    The vision of the Office of Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Initiatives (CLRI) is that all staff support schools in establishing a community that embraces, values, and infuses culturally and linguistically responsive teaching and learning for all students.


    Mission Statement:

    The mission of the Buffalo Public Schools’ Office of CLRI is to share the value and best practices of culturally and linguistically responsive practices in order to support and respond to the growing needs of our diverse student population. The Office of CLRI will provide supports, resources, exemplars, and a framework for stakeholders to receive lifelong meaningful learning experiences that inform, train, and support systemic culturally and linguistically responsive practices.


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