specials                           Welcome to Ms. Sanbelmo's Teacher Page


    Please feel free to contact me via Remind or e-mail with any questions regarding the work that was sent home.


    The link at the top of the page that says specials will show you pages from all of your special area teachers.  Please check them out and use some of the fun activities! 


    I will be updating this page regularly with links that I think may be helpful for the students.


    Please keep in touch and let me know how your child is doing.  Send me completed work regularly so I can check your child's progress and help where needed.


    Here is a link to a wellness program that you might enjoy!  Check it out.



    Encourage your children to logon to their educational apps when possible so that I can monitor their progress.  Moby Max and Lexia 5 will be counted as part of your child's grade so please be sure that your child logs on daily if possible.