A note from Mr. Warner


    Dear Parents and Caregivers of Mr. Warner's Art Students,

     I want to be sure that you know I am thinking about you and your families during this time away from my art class. I miss the time I spend together with your children and their creativity. I am in the process of continuously collecting resources to share, so that your children's daily routine can have art involved. It's difficult, however I want to ensure that they are continuing their art learning in the best ways we can, given the situation. 

    I am aware that supplies may be limited, and stress levels are high but I want to encourage you to engage in art, however you can. It is enjoyable and beneficial to everyone in the family, regardless of skill level. Research shows that if you engage in artmaking, it can strengthen your brain, relieve stress and improve your mood. "In the Journal of Art Therapy, researches found that after 45 minuites of art-making, levels of the hormone cortisol -which is associated with stress- were reduced, regardless of prior skills."  

    Even something as a little sketch in your sketchbook, or sheet of paper can help. Think outside of the box! No paint? Try using some food coloring and water! The possibilites are endless.

    Even just looking at art can be beneficial. Art is all around you.

    Remember what we learned about with Vashti and The Dot. "Just make a mark, and see where it takes you."


    Under where it says Warner's Art Site, you should be able to click and navigate to your daily drawing prompt, a quick survey, and a list of art projects you can try. I'd love to see any work you make, so please take a picture and email me, or send me a message on schoology or class dojo!


    Please feel free to reach out to me at any time, I check my email throughout the day. - Email: mwarner@buffaloschools.org